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Demitra: Dramaturg, Script Doctor & Script Consultant. 


In addition to her acting and production skills, Demitra is a professional freelance Dramaturg, Script Doctor and Script Consultant. 


Demitra trained as a dramaturg as a part of her Bachelor degree at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts as well as with Playwriting Australia's (PWA) well renowned Dramaturgy Internship and National Script Writing Workshops. While at PWA Demitra realised she adored the craft of script editing. She came to appreciate the complexity of the art and began developing her hands-on approach to script analysis. Now having transitioned mainly into script doctoring, Demitra has worked and collaborated with some of the best writers, playwrights, directors and script editors from all across Australia. 

Demitra is incredibly well-read/watched, passionate about the film & theatre industry, intelligent and communicative. As an actor, Demitra has had first-hand experience in storytelling and understanding of the mechanics of character. This gives her her unique and sought after perspective in approaching a script.


Demitra began her career as dramaturg for Jason Langley's production of 'Chekhov in Hell' and as a resident dramaturg for Jada Alberts and Tom Holloway during the National Script Writing Workshops. Since then Demitra has worked as dramaturg on theatrical productions all around Sydney and been a regular editor for several online and print publications. Recently, Demitra has been working as a script consultant in the film, radio and television industry.


Demitra is also the resident script doctor for 'Toil Films' feature projects. 


What is dramaturgy/script doctor and how can it help you.


“What do they do?”

This is a difficult question to answer. Some people see a dramaturg, or a Script Doctor for film,  as a guide or mentor for new writing. Others along the lines of an Assistant Director, fact checker or researcher. However, the role of the Dramaturg within the creative process varies greatly, adapting to fit the needs of a project. The role of a dramaturg in a new work or adaptation is going to vary greatly to the role of a dramaturg within an established work.


A dramaturg is a clear head and a fresh pair of eyes, a private first audience for your work. A dramaturg will give you honest opinions, share their observations and ask questions to help prompt new discoveries and offer suggestions regarding parts of the script that may benefit from more attention. A dramaturg will guide you through the various demands of script writing, be it character development, plotting, dialogue or any other number of things to help you achieve dramatic and thematic cohesion. A dramaturg will not make any changes to your script or attempt to push the script away from your vision, but rather will help guide you toward your own goals for the script and act as a second set of eyes to ensure those goals and that vision are being met. Whether it’s broader questions of themes and structure or detailed questions about dialogue and word choice, a dramaturg will help you talk through the options and how they'll fit in the work.


A conversation with a dramaturg can move through all these topics and more, and is usually led by you. What you want from the script and the questions that you need answered  will always be the dramaturg’s primary focus. In a nutshell, a dramaturg' job is flexible! They adapt to suit your needs and provide you with whatever you need and nothing you don't.





If you're looking for help with your writing I offer 2 packages for non-corporate clients.


Service 1. The Script Report


I will read the play thoroughly and provide you with a comprehensive script report analysing the script's:


  • Structure

  • Character and relationship developments/arc

  • Emotional impact/ Audience Impact

  • Flag major areas where the script may need improving 

  • Comments on any specific sections or concerns you have with your script.

$50 for 15 pages or less (Short Films + Pitches + Funding Applications)

$100 for less than 30 pages (Short Films)

$260 for less than 90 pages

$280 for greater than 90 pages  

$330 for greater than 200 pages

Price on discussion for script TV series development  

Service 2. Face to face session 


This is a face to face session with me via Skype, or in person to discuss the script and its ideas with you after having read it.


$180 a session (1.5-hour session)

$200 for (2-hour session)


These sessions are whatever you need them to be. It involves in-depth conversation. You ask lots of questions, I ask lots questions, we bounce ideas off one another, we develop ideas on the structure, characters, relationships etc further. 


Any combination of script report and face to face sessions or more in-depth/extended dramaturgy/editing services and processes can be negotiated on a case to case basis. The price is also reduced if I am involved in the project in an acting capacity. 



This is a professional service that takes time and dedication to complete. The fee ensures a thorough reading of your script and guarantees that your script is read promptly. A Script Report generally taking less than 14 days to come back to you once payment has been finalised.


If you have any questions or would like to contact Demitra about this service, please fill out the information below.



Success! Message received. Demitra will contact you within the next week!

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