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Beach Volleyball Game

Malibu Crush (Coming out 2022)


The highly anticipated Malibu Crush is set to release in 2022.


Two best friends from Pasadena pretend to be highly acclaimed film school students in order to declare their love for an ex-girlfriend living in Sydney Australia.

Demitra plays the sassy Natalie! 




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Adultish- The TV Show (Coming Soon) 

Season 4 of the award winning series returns with Demitra Sealy in a reoccurring comedy role!


DARK MOON (Theatre)​

On temporary hiatus due to covid, 'Dark Moon' explores an interactive form of theatre seldom seen. With each audience member having a different perspective on the unfolding events to the person next to them, Dark Moon is a social experiment in morality and personal bias .

Season though February 2022 at KXT Bakehouse.

Find out more! 

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Meraki TV (The TV Show )

We are BACK with Season 6 of Meraki TV with Demitra promoted to the shows primary host! Having been involved with Meraki TV as a segment host and entertainment reporter since the end of season 2, Demitra's new position is a natural fit!

"The TV show for any and all Greeks living in Australia!! 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th etc gens who have found that no matter how much they love being AUSSIE, they can't help but feel MERAKI, the feeling deep down in their soul, the longing, for their Greek Culture.​ Music, Lifestyle, Current Affairs, News, Interviews, History, Gossip, Kids, Docos, Philosophy, Art, Travel, Food and MORE. All delivered with LOTS OF LOVE - (without the side of guilt!)" 

Airing on Foxtel Australia Ch 173 Monday nights @ 7pm